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Bimfire place significant emphasis on creating and maintaining a high level of integration and transparency within the project team environment. This allows us to monitor the quality of information and capitalise on the benefits in the quality of our output.

Through a series of specialised workflows we have created a system designed to unlock the potential of the 'Information'.

We demand quality from others and contribute quality for others. Setting clear goals and a BIM Execution Plan engineered to achieve deliverables. Bimfire ensure efficient use of human and natural resources to deliver world class facilities.

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Bimfire utilise a series of BIM workflows throughout the design phases in order to improve efficiency and avoid costly waste and rework. With each time we run these workflows the more efficient the process becomes. Our expertise ensures that information received from Revit, ArchiCAD, Tekla and Bentley is collated to deliver quality, time and cost outcomes.

Bimfire recognise that the cost of any design change to material, function or operation of the facility escalates the cost on an exponential scale. We recommend our clients appoint the BIM Management team as early as concept stage to allow our organisation to invest time and resources to establish a capable team of consultants who are committed to the clients vision of “Full BIM”.

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Cost is the bottom line. Every project comes down to cost. Bimfire embrace the tradition of Quantity Surveying and develop sophisticated project specific model mapping formulas tailored to quantify our projects accurately and efficiently. Working intimately with our Project BIM team, we outline the information we require and provide value for all we deal with. Our clients are multi-disciplinary:

  • Facility Owners
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Contractors
  • Sub-Contractors
  • Quantity Surveyors

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Using our Building Design Suite of software Bimfire provide high quality, user specific 3D visualisation and walkthroughs of the relevant facility and it’s key functional elements.

Over and above virtual reality visualisation, walkthroughs provide excellent visual checks for stakeholders, management and staff. Feedback submitted following 3D visualisation walkthroughs enable the end users to ensure their working environment functions at 100% of the possible efficiency.  

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programme Simulation

Bimfire provide 4D Time functionality to present (through graphical & visualisation presentation) construction works sequencing so that the impacts on the surrounding areas are able to be clearly articulated to the construction team, relevant users and stakeholders.

The simulation links the coordinated files to the construction programme. Bimfire import the construction programme from our schedule platform, connecting tasks in the schedule with objects in the model to create the simulation.

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Facilities Management

Integrating user specific information ie. facilities data into the project delivery enables better use to be made of information throughout the project lifecycle. Bimfire recognises the value of information to multiple parties, and the efficiencies that can be gained by exploiting its interdependence.

Bimfire facilitate coordination of the design teams and subcontractors to ensure appropriate collection and coordination of construction and installation data for use in development of the As-Built model suitable for facility management use.

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