UNIversity of western australia Industry Forum

November 2015 marked the start of Bimfire's relationship with the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, UWA. Keeping in step with the movement of the industry towards Building Information Modelling, UWA have started on the front foot and are incorporating BIM Management units into the course curriculum. The Architecture Masters in 2016 offers students the first BIM unit "BIM Workflows".

In conjunction with Rawlinson's & UWA, Bimfire intend to assist the faculty and provide industry based guidance and insight. The alliance is providing assistance to UWA on running a potential Masters of BIM, to be offered in future years. The news has the attendees of the Forum lunch held last December very enthusiastic and interest is high. Please visit for more information.

Watch this space...



USA BIM Implementation workshops

Commencing March 2015 Bimfire Pty Ltd were contracted to the USA to fulfill a BIM Implementation Scope spanning four weeks. Attendees from all over the United States converged on Phoenix, Arizona for the initial presentation. Bimfire introduced the professionals to the concepts of Building Information Modelling and the sophisticated workflows required to deliver live projects in BIM.

Further in-office workshops were run throughout March. Project offices included Phoenix, Denver, Boston, Portland and finally Hawaii.

The experince was invaluable.